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Can Amazon Kindle Fire Challenge its Counterparts? A Complete Review

Over the last four years, Amazon’s Kindle has been one of the most favorite e-book readers for the consumers. According to the demand of consumers, Amazon has made several technical improvements in the device and has come up with different versions of Kindle which are Kindle2, Kindle DX, Kindle DX Graphite, Kindle 3, and now Kindle Fire. With the newly launched Kindle Fire users can shop, download, browse and read e-books and all this through wireless connectivity. Kindle Fire is a totally new product and is the first full-color, touch-screen Kindle made by Amazon. It is designed like an all-purpose computer than an e-reader. Users can watch movies, TV shows, browse through Web pages, email and also play games.

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Some Of The Excellent Kindle Fire Accessories

As per the reviews, Kindle Fire has been receiving a number of pre-orders which definitely highlights its popularity in the market. One you have purchased the Amazon Kindle Fire, it is time to look for some accessories. There are a large number of accessories. You can also place a pre-order for any Amazon Kindle Fire accessory according to your need. So, let us have a look on the accessories offered by the Amazon Kindle fire.

Kindle’s Belkin Verve Tab Folio:

Kindle Belkin Verve Tab Folio

The stylish Belkin Verve Tab Folio complements your Kindle Fire with elegance. The smooth faux leather exterior and an inner lining make this cover stylish to look at. Plus, it includes magnetic closure that offers full protection to your Kindle from scratches. Speaker holes are integrated into the back cover to help you enjoy better sound quality without interruption. Plus, an inner pocket allows you securely store notes and receipts while on the go. For a price of $29.99, this Kindle Fire accessory is surely a must buy for all. You can buy this accessory at Amazon. 

Belkin Grip Sleeve:

Belkin Grip Sleeve

This is another great accessory for your Amazon Kindle Fire. Made of lightweight durable neoprene and silicone, this Belkin Grip Sleeve offers enhanced protection to your gadget from scratches and dings. There is also a reinforced panel for additional screen protection. This is available in many color such as infinity pool, black and paparazzi pink. The best thing is you can wash it with gentle soap and water. For just $24.99, this is surely going to attract Kindle Fire owners. You can buy this accessory at Amazon.

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Reasons To Buy A Kindle Fire

Most of us like gadgets and are keen to know about what are the new gadgets launched in the market. Tablet PC is one such category which gets refreshed very frequently and is always in news. Stay away from the news for a few days and you will realize how much is happening in this field and so frequently. A great device that is creating buzz in the gadget lovers’ circle is the new Kindle Fire by Amazon. Interestingly, the price of Kindle Fire is very less as compared to any other Tablet PCs in the market.

This is definitely a great reason to buy the new Amazon Kindle Fire. But there are many more reasons to buy this superb Kindle Fire. Here are some great facts and specs about the gadget.

Amazon kindle fire


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Kindle Fire Vs iPad- Is There Any Comparison Between The Two Gadgets?

Amazon itself is the best seller of books and has millions of books, magazines, and comics to offer you. With the advancement of technology, Amazon has come up with fantastic e-book readers to offer you the vast library of its products easily.

In this winter holidays, Amazon has again come up with its new product i.e. the Kindle Fire. In this winter holidays Amazon has again come with its new launch i.e. the Kindle Fire. This new gadget will not only offer you an excellent experience of an e-book reader but will provide you lots of apps and other interesting features of a tablet.

Now with a great hit in the highly competitive gadget industry, Kindle Fire is being appreciated by everyone. According to a market survey done by eDataSource it is found that Amazon has received 95,000 orders after the very first launch of the Kindle and now it is receiving approximately 20,000 preorders for the Kindle every day.

The sale of Apple’s iPad has also got affected after the launch of the Kindle Fire on 15th November. As per Cult (Android), there is a pre-order of 50,000 Kindles recorded on the first day of its launch. The reason may be the price $199 which is far less than the price of an iPad 2 which is $500. Let’s have a look on both the gadgets in short – Kindle Fire versus iPad.

Kindle Fire Vs iPad

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A Short Review of Kindle Fire Specs

While designing the Kindle Fire, Amazon has focused on the experience and the contents that they already have. Amazon basically worked on how the existing features can be used in best possible ways instead of giving emphasis on additional specs of the device. Amazon has just used the specs which we can utilize at the Amazon device page. Let us see what this 7 inch touch screen device can offer us.

Talking about the specs part, then it would be incorrect to say that the new Kindle Fire can take the place of a laptop. After examining the device I found several places for improvement in the device.

For the tech savvy and those who look for specs, this device is a non-productive piece of equipment. Though, it will be a mistake to say that the device does not offer you facilities of a good tablet. But in terms of apps and specifications, it does not have any comparison with an iPad.
 Kindle fire specs

Let’s start with the New Silk Browser offered by Amazon which the company shouts for. As per Amazon the new Brower i.e. Amazon Silk will be a revolution in the tablet market. It is said that the new browser will offer you to load the new page while you are browsing. So, will save you time and you will be bound with it. However it seems a little underwhelming to me when I tried to do the same. The loading time of each page is near about same as we get from other tablet devices. But I really enjoyed the tabs while using them and rest has never astonished me.

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Kindle Fire Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab- A Short Comparison Between The Two

Before the launch of the Kindle there has been many comparison and reviews done between the Kindle and other similar devices. After these reviews, it has become clear that the Kindle has made a place in the market of e-book reader and tablets. This time I have come with the comparison between the Kindle Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Kindle fire offers a lot at less price. That is why every one wants to have a closer look before purchasing one. While we compare any device, the features which are given to the devices are the most important part. So, here is the comparison between the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can find some of the important differences between the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Kindle fire vs samsung galaxy tab

Basic Specs and Features:



The Kindle Fire offers you 7 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024*600 pixels where as Samsung Galaxy Tab offers you 10.1 inch screen with the resolution of 1280*800 pixels.

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A Comparison Between Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color

There has been a great fight between Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color since the launch of the tablet Kindle Fire as both contains near about same features. Before the launch of Kindle Fire, the price which you need to pay for the Nook was $249. However, after the launch of Kindle Fire on 15th Nov 2011 at a price point of $199, the price of Nook Color has to be dropped down to approximately the same price as set for Kindle Fire.

Let us see the major reasons behind the decrease in the price of Nook Color after experiencing both the gadgets Kindle Fire and Nook Color.

Kindle fire vs nook color
Generally, you can consider both as e-book readers where you can read comics, books, newspapers and magazines. However, they offer some more additional features of a tablet.

Browsing the Internet:

With the use of new technology, the browsing capacity and speed of Kindle Fire has become far better then its counter parts including Nook Color. Due to Amazon cloud, Kindle Fire gets additional strength, huge space and speed while uploading any  website and hence over taking the Nook in terms of website uploading and browsing the internet. This makes Kindle Fire better than the Nook in terms of web browsing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Featured Kindle Fire Tablet with Some of The essential Kindle Fire Apps

The Kindle Fire developed by Amazon.Com is a tablet computer with custom Android 2.3 operating system and 8 GB storage capacity. It has a 7” multi touch display which is made up of gorilla glass and has a resolution of 1024*600 at 169 ppi, which are 16 million colors with capacitive touch sensitive. 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity is used in the tablet with 3.5 mm stereo socket.

Apart from all these features, Kindle Fire is full of apps. You can be able to work on different applications and can do different actions. You will not only be able to enjoy listening to music, reading books, magazines and newspapers but will be able to access various applications from the App store of Amazon for the official purpose also. Every type of user will get an application of his or her choice in this app store. Here you will get thousands of apps of your choice and in the future you can expect many more applications.

However, Kindle Fire does not have a camera. So you will not be able to take a snap or record a video in this tablet. But this does not mean that you will not be able to store a photo or a video in your tablet. It is possible by transferring the photo or video from other places. As this tablet is full of applications you would defiantly need a guide. So, here are some of the most constructive apps for you.


HootSuite kindle fire

This app is only available for Android devices. It is one of the best Kindle fire Apps as this will help you to access zenith social networking sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. You can purchase this app by downloading it from app store of Amazon.

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Kindle Fire Apps Which Make It a Productive Gadget

A valuable media utilization gadget – Kindle Fire supports a large number of prolific apps. These apps can be downloaded from the app store of Amazon. Using these Kindle Fire apps downloaded from the apps store of Amazon you will be able to manage to do list, document reviewing and email.

Other then this, you will also have entertainment apps to be downloaded for listening to music, reading comics books and playing games. With a brilliant look and features, and with lots of Kindle Fire apps, you can make use of the tablet every time and enjoy your life with ease. So, here are some of the apps from the store of Kindle Fire.

Comic Book Reader:

Comic book reader app kindle fire

If you are a comic reader and love to be covered with excellent comics and books then here is the solution. Purchase a Kindle Fire tablet and enjoy reading comics and book on it. You just need to download the app comic book reader and I promise you that you will never want to go back to old readings rather you would be blustered away by seeing the library of comics available here. This wonder comics app is provided by Comixology which will allow you to get right to use all the best labels. This tablet app will change the way of reading comics completely and you will not have to make a round to any comics’ book shop. You just need to download the app for free and enjoy unlimited reading of comics. However, for every individual comics there is a price and the price varies from comics to comics.

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