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Kindle Fire Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab- A Short Comparison Between The Two

Before the launch of the Kindle there has been many comparison and reviews done between the Kindle and other similar devices. After these reviews, it has become clear that the Kindle has made a place in the market of e-book reader and tablets. This time I have come with the comparison between the Kindle Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Kindle fire offers a lot at less price. That is why every one wants to have a closer look before purchasing one. While we compare any device, the features which are given to the devices are the most important part. So, here is the comparison between the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can find some of the important differences between the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Kindle fire vs samsung galaxy tab

Basic Specs and Features:



The Kindle Fire offers you 7 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024*600 pixels where as Samsung Galaxy Tab offers you 10.1 inch screen with the resolution of 1280*800 pixels.



As per the weight you will feel the Kindle Fire lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the weight of the Kindle is 413 g where as Samsung Galaxy weight 565 g, which makes it heavier that the Kindle.


Storage Capacity:

If we talk about the storage capacity than Samsung wins the battle as it offers better storage capacity than the Kindle. The Kindle offers you the storage capacity of 8 GB where as Samsung Galaxy Tab offers you an internal memory of 2 GB but in addition to it you also have a expandable memory slot which can enhance the storage capacity of the device to another 16 GB. But wait! You have a better option for the expansion of the memory. You can buy a 32 GB smart card with you Samsung Galaxy Tab. So, in term of the inherent storage the Galaxy will the battle.


Some other differences:

The Kindle Fire offers you a better Dual Core Processor. Due to which the speed and versatility of the Kindle get enhanced. When you use the Fire you can notice the difference while accessing any media, games, or an application. With the help of this dual core processor in the Kindle you will be able to perform many tasks simultaneously. You will also notice a difference while watching a video which plays smoothly. Additionally, you can also run executable applications which are provided with the Kindle.

When I analyzed the devices, I found that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is more perfect for the tech savvies. However, the Fire also satisfies the consumers with its functionalities. The operating system offered in the Kindle Fire is Amazon Modified Android 2.3 (Ginger bread) on the other hand the operating system used in the Galaxy is Android 3.1 (Honey Comb).

The Kindle does not offer you a camera with the device. Conversely, you get a 3 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras with the Galaxy. Though, you will find the facility of Wi-Fi in both the devices. However, in addition to it the new Amazon Kindle Fire does not offer you a 3G technology. As the Kindle does not have large storage capacity which we get in the Galaxy, the Kindle relies on the Amazon’s cloud technology (Amazon silk). This provides you with a large storage capacity over the Amazon cloud. Apart form this Wi-Fi technology GPS, microphone, camera and Bluetooth facility are also not available with the Amazon Kindle Fire. On the contrary, you get all these facilities with the Galaxy.

The Kindle will give to access to the vast library of Amazon from where you can access unlimited music, videos, books, magazines, news papers, television shows and music as well. The Kindle also offers you access to the app store of Amazon. However, you will not get access to Android Market, but you do have an access to Android apps. On the contrary, if you use the Samsung Galaxy Tab then you will get access to the Android market from where you can access various apps up to 60,000.

So, after this comparison, we can clearly differentiate that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has lots of offerings for tech savvies with lots of storage space and set expandable memory. In this way the Samsung Galaxy Tab wins the battle.

On the other hand, if you want to have better processor and have access to a vast library of books then the Kindle at $199 has lots of offerings for you.

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